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2017 Annual General Meeting of National Automotive Logistics Industry: Anji Logistics Won Multiple Awards

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From November 9-10, 2017, the 2017 Annual General Meeting of National Automotive Logistics Industry hosted by Automotive Logistics Branch of China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing was convened at the Haikou Luneng Hilton Hotel. The annual general meeting summarized the industry development in the past year and analyzed its future trend. As the president unit of this branch and this year’s award-winning enterprise, Anji Logistics enjoyed this grand event with over 1000 colleagues of this industry.


Grand meeting of the logistics industry



Introduction to the Meeting

The “Annual General Meeting of National Automotive Logistics Industry” is the largest and most influential exchange activity of the highest level of China’s automotive logistics industry. Since, 2004, the once-in-a-year industry meeting has become a grand gathering for people of the automotive logistics industry.




Vice President Mr.Cai Jin of China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing giving a speech


Company General Manager Yu De giving a speech

As the rotating president of the branch for next year, the company’s General Manager Yu De gave a speech at the meeting. GM Yu expressed that, with the deep-level application of technologies such as Internet and artificial intelligence, the automotive logistics industry will enter a new era of modern leaping development from every aspect. From now on, Anji Logistics will continue to make progress against all difficulties, share resources with each member unit for win-win cooperation, and contribute its power to the co-construction of automotive logistics ecosphere.


High-end Salon for the Future



At the “high-end salon” hosted by the branch’s Executive President Ma Zengrong, GM Yu and representatives of enterprises including Changjiu Logistics, FAW Logistics, Tianjin Anda, CRSCS, CAMSL, and Futian Zhike discussed the industry development trend under the new situation.



Well-deserved Industry Honors



At this meeting Anji Logistics won multiple awards withinnumerable great achievements. In terms of enterprise awards, Anji Logistics has won the two awards of “2017 Vehicle Logistics KPI Benchmarking Enterprise” and “2017 Automotive Logistics Innovation Award”, among which, the innovation award was granted for the “SGM Gold Bridge Skylight Robot Sequencing Project.” Anji Technology of Anji Logistics was awarded “2017 Automobile Component Inbound LogisticsKPI Benchmarking Enterprise.” In terms of individual award, GM Yu won the honorary title of “Entrepreneur with Outstanding  Contribution to the Automotive Logistics Industry in 2017.”


The efforts and power of Anji Logistics are obvious to all over the past year. The three awards it has won this year are well-deserved. The curtain has dropped for 2017Annual General Meeting of National Automotive Logistics Industry. Let’s look forward to more great achievements of Anji Logistics next year!

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